HandMade Vase/Décor Object – Matte Black Bell Bottom


HandMade Vase/Décor Object – Matte Black Bell Bottom
Ships in 5 – 7 work days


Handmade Vase/Décor Object

Materials used:

Marble, plaster, eco-resin
Cast in a balloon shape

Order top flower opening size for specific use:

3cm – Small arrangement only for this vase

Colours Available.
Black ( Matte)
Verdant Green
Barely Beige
Barely Peach

Size: Approx: H- 16cm –W – 17cm

Colours and size may vary slightly for all handmade items.

The colour you see on your computer screen will also vary, depending on your screen and screen settings.

This vase is suitable for dried flower and silk flower arrangements only..

We have limited stock. An out-of-stock item takes 2 weeks to make. We will keep you posted throughout the process should you order an out-of-stock item

Caring for your vase:
Delicate item – handle as you would  a thin glass item
Rinse with warm soapy water.
This item has been waxed. If you have white bees wax , you can apply some after you have washed the vase. Caution: This is a delicate item – do not apply too much pressure